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January 17, 2018 at 11:32 PM

AARP has started a movement:  Disrupt Aging.  AARP says, “What you do after 50 can be just as amazing as what you do before 30.  It’s time to disrupt aging.”

AARP isn’t the only organization advocating disruption. Disruption has become so overused in the workplace that The Guardian said a year ago that it was time to retire the word. 

Curiously, it’s never used in the bible, and yet disruption happens all the time to God’s people.  Abraham’s life was disrupted when God called him to leave everything he knew and go to the land that God would show him.  Every prophet’s life was disrupted when God called them to prophesy to God’s wayward people.  Joseph’s life was disrupted when he learned his fiancé was pregnant – oh, and Mary’s life was very disrupted when she discovered she was with child. 

Jesus disrupted the lives of 12 men when he called them to leave what they were doing and follow him.  Their lives were disrupted again when he was executed – and then again when he was raised from the dead.  God surely disrupted Paul’s plans for persecuting the followers of Jesus when he blinded him on the road to Damascus. 

Long before innovative startups were talking about disruption, God was disrupting the lives of God’s people.  Their live were disrupted – if they were willing to respond to God’s call. 

I wonder if we are still willing to be disrupted.  Are we willing to make dramatic changes in our lives so that we can live out the gospel in our culture?  Are we willing to stop being church the way we have been the church, and be church in a new way, a way that might feel very foreign to us?  Can God call us to leave what we know and follow him, even if our lives get turned upside down and inside out? If he does call us, will we follow?

Abraham was willing to go where God called him.  And, it changed everything.

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