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Learn from our Children

June 23, 2016 at 4:30 PM


My teenage daughter takes pictures of everything with her phone.  We'll be driving and she sees a sunset and lifts her phone to the sky.  She sees a plate of food she loves, and points her phone at it.  Her friends are doing something silly, and she takes pictures of them with her phone.  She has even taken pictures of something on TV.  And, I've watched all this and chuckled to myself.

Then, yesterday, I was visiting an older church member in the hospital.  She has been in the hospital for more than two weeks, and so she hasn't been able to care for her long hair the way she would like to.  But, yesterday, when I saw her, her hair was in a lovely French braid.  I commented on how nice it looked.  She said that a nurse had done it and she didn't know what it looked like.

Instantly, I channeled my daughter.  I pulled out my phone, asked the member to turn slightly so I could see the back of her head, and snapped a picture.  In less than a second, I was showing the woman the picture of her hair on my phone.  She could see how lovely her hair looked. She was delighted.

Here I had been laughing at my daughter photographing everything, and now I've learned how useful this can be.  Too often I think that I'm the wise one with so much to teach and share with my daughter.  Yet, if I sit back and observe every so often, I realize that she has much to teach me.

I hope to keep my eyes and ears open to what else I can learn from her.  I will benefit, and so will those around me!