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Meeting God in Advent

December 04, 2015 at 5:17 PM

In her book The Vigil, Wendy Wright says, "God is coming to us.  But in order for that truly to happen, we must go as well to God. The highway runs in two directions. The invitation is for the divine and human to meet halfway."  (p. 39)

Her reflection gives me pause.  As I fret and worry about every day events, am I meeting God halfway?  As I work through my to-do list, checking things off and crossing things out, am I on a path to meeting God?  Even in my time of prayer, am I just nagging God about what I need, or am I reaching out to God to meet God halfway?  

I'm not sure I’m doing my part.  I've become aware that God is coming to me – and aware that I can meet God halfway.

How can we humans make our way down the path that God is on to meet God half way?  For me, I think that my time in prayer can be different. Rather than doing all the talking, maybe I sit in silence and listen.  Maybe I do the breath prayer of "Come, Lord Jesus, come."  Maybe I read the psalms – no not read them, pray them.  Pray the praise in the psalms.  Pray the thanksgiving in the psalms.  Let the psalms be a conduit for me to reach out to God.

Maybe in the fretting, I let go.  Maybe on the to-do list, I ask God to give me guidance.  In my day to day routine, maybe I seek God's wisdom, so that what I am doing points me in the right direction so that as I go down the path, I will meet God.

Maybe these are ways in which I can be a person watching and waiting for God.  Maybe it is possible for me to meet God halfway.  

I hope so.