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For Some Children...

June 16, 2017 at 1:49 PM

Every Sunday, I spend a few minutes talking with the children.  Usually, I share with them something related to the scripture passage.  However, this Sunday, I'm doing one of my sermons on the hard sayings of Jesus.  This week's hard saying is "hate your mother and father…"  (Luke 14:25-33)  That doesn't preach too well for kids.  (Not completely sure how it's going to preach to the adults, although I'll be explaining that Jesus was using exaggeration.) 

So, since it is Father's Day, I thought I would do something about fathers, until I thought about the children.  One little three-year-old hardly knows her dad, as he is in military service and hasn't been home for a long time.  One little boy lives with his mother; not sure she was ever married to the dad.  One 12-year-old is being raised by his grandparents - not sure a father is anywhere in the picture.  Two of the girls live with their mom, and see their dad every other weekend. And, two little boys do live with mom and dad.  Batting average on dads is not too good in my congregation. 

As we celebrate Father's Day this weekend, can we be mindful that it may not be a day of celebration for all children – possibly not even for adult children?  Can we show some extra love and attention to those whose fathers are in some way absent?  

I'm wondering how I might show a little more love to my own daughter, who hasn't seen her father in at least two years.

It's hard not to be heartbroken, isn't it?

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